Terrem News "Terrem 2010AUTUMN & WINTER ONE&.." Mar 24-26 - news


Terrem News "Terrem 2010AUTUMN & WINTER ONE&.." Mar 24-26

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来る来週3月24日25日26日「2010 Terrem AUTUMN & WINTER COLLECTION "ONE&"」
開催します。 ONE&というのは初心を忘れないために名付けたタイトルです。次の展示会、そのまた次の展示会もONE&。常に初心の心です。

今回AUTUMN &WINTER という事でブーツを中心に展開致します。前回から加わった"Terrem Lights" "8by Terrem"をひっさげて、皆様に是非ご覧頂ければと思っています。場所はこちら

The wind is strong and warm today. The sakura trees of Nakameguro are blooming the cherry blossoms now.  We will hold 2010 Terrem AUTUMN & WINTER COLLECTION "ONE&" on March 24,25,26 this  week.  ONE& is a title not to forget the original intention. The next exhibition and next  as for the next exhibition, is ONE& again. We always perform it with the intention of the original intention. You got it!?

For AUTUMN &WINTER, Focuses mainly on boots this time.Also showing Hold "Terrem Lights" "8by Terrem" which increased from the last time. We hope to see you!! Come down, see the shizazzle, say hi!!! Heck dance if you want, but get your BOOTy on down to the "One &"  @here